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How to install _ mounted on casters casters?

Author:   Time:2016/4/21 8:37:48

Casters mounted correctly, otherwise the casters life greatly, so, how should undertake the caster wheel mount?

The following casters 168 network introduced some basic knowledge of the caster wheel mount.

Are casters mounted, for different materials of the wheel body should choose different bracket, is usually arranged in a fixed bracket. To know the industrial casters in connection with the apparatus must be durable, mounted on casters must quickly and safely. In addition, to use the most appropriate casters of the device and the bracket matching.

Caster after installation is complete, the function can not be changed, mounted on casters casters stent must have sufficient strength. If the caster bearings must always vertical movement. The caster wheels are fixed between the wheel must be in a straight line. If you are using only a swivel casters, must agree. If the caster wheels are fixed with swivel casters casters use, so all must be compatible, and subject to the manufacturers recommend the use of.

You must specify a particular product. Casters installed, attention must be paid to the use of the environment, as well as on casters maintenance, in general, the use of casters hotter than 5 degrees C and below 30 degrees C.

Casters such as in the following fields: outdoor, coastal areas, strong corrosion and / or use conditions of the region. Caster effect will decrease, especially the use of temperature is lower or higher than the above data, has listed the normal load may be affected. Special products will have a detailed description of. Complete casters composed of parts and assembly. The manufacturer only from the initial parts manufacturing complete caster for.

Casters mounted wheel and / or adjustable center pin fasteners. Any use of cleaning agent. Caster daily maintenance: shaft and a rotary bearing oiling lubricating device. Can contain corrosive and abrasive compositions.